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Jiangsu International Cultural Exchange Center is a nongovernmental body of Jiangsu Province which was established on December 17, 1985 in Nanjing,Jiangsu Province,for the purpose of promoting international cultural exchanges.

JICEC's main goal is adapting to the new situation of economic globalization and national reform including "opening up to the outside world".The strategic objiective is building a Jiangsu Province which will be:economically prosperous,advanced in education and science,where people's life is well-off,the legal system is strengthened and a civilized society is developed.The principal aim is to promote the mutual understanding and friendly cooperation between Jiangsu people and the other peoples of the world through international exchanges.This includes the fields of economy,education,hygiene,sport,law,science and technology and so on so forth.It seeks to zhe opening up and reform and the modernization of Jiangsu province and our country.

JICEC sponsors a variety of activities such as exchange visits,seminars,actistic performance and exhibitions lecture,symposium through international cultural exchanges with organizations,scholars,and the public figures of all other countries,and thus to contribute to the modernization and the opening up of Jiangsu Province.

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